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*Bzzzz* Flies bugging your bins? Use Bin Buddy Citrus Fresh to repel pesky insects, eliminate bad smells and soak up liquids. #CleaningEssentials #Clean #Fresh #LifeHacks

Summer is here and we understand BBQ's with friends and family is usually the go to. But, what about all the liquids in your bins from the meat packages? Bin Buddy Fresh will soak those liquids up so you don't need to change the bag when it is only half full! #BBQ #Hacks BinBuddy photo

Do your bins smell a bit off? With Bin Buddy Citrus you just sprinkle a little bit in your bin and it eliminates bad smells, soak up liquids and repel insects. It also smells great! Bonus right? #Cleaning #Fresh #Essentials BinBuddy photo
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