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Bin Buddy makes your bin smell fresh and soaks up the mess

Bin Fresheners

Bin Buddy is used all over the world from Melbourne to Montrose, from Auckland to Atlanta. We exist to help you sit back relax and smell the roses, not the contents of your bin. We at Challs International are cruelty free and do not test on animals. We also do not endorse, request or commission any animal testing by other people on our behalf.

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Fresh Citrus

“A must have. Does what it says on the tin!"


Fresh Citrus

Fresh Berry

“Love this stuff and the flies hate it”

Teresa King

Fresh Berry

Fresh & Odour Free - We make Buster Drain Unblocker too!

At our brand-new environmentally friendly headquarters in Suffolk, UK, where we harvest rainwater and utilise natural sunlight, we are constantly developing new ways to clean, protect and maintain everyday technology.

Bin Buddy is manufactured in the UK and is owned by Challs International, a family-run global company with a mission to change the way we all clean.


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"Good for a smelly bin..." says The Jolly Green Giant on Amazon, because Bin Buddy soaks up liquids, repels insects, and eliminates nasty smells. Fee, fi, foh, fum, add Bin Buddy to your grocery list at Ocado... my son. #Cleaning #LifeHacks #Amazon BinBuddy photo

Have the best smelling wheelie bin on your street with our Citrus Bin Disinfectant Spray and our fly repelling Citrus Fresh powder. Ooo, freshhhhh... order yours today from Amazon #CitrusFresh #BinBuddyFresh #Cleaning #Clean #Fresh #LifeHacks BinBuddy photo

So simple isn't it? A little dash of Bin Buddy = Fresh smelling bins. Who could beat that? @homewithhollyjane #Essentials #Cleaning #Clean #Fresh #BinBuddy

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