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Salmon, tuna or prawn - all totally delicious, all equally as stinky. Be sure to dispose of leftover sushi, or any food for that matter, with a sprinkle of Bin Buddy to keep pesky flies away whilst controlling bad odours. Check it out online here - BinBuddy photo

Fish bones and meat fat lurk on our dinner plates, ending up in our bins. Don't let these leftovers cause a stench, use Bin Buddy. A sprinkle of Bin Buddy bin powder over the contents of your bin will help control bad food odours and soak up excess liquids. BinBuddy photo

Did you know you can shop your favourite Bin Buddy bin powders online? Amazon is one of many online Bin Buddy stockists selling these sweet scented bin powders for only £3.49 a tub! Order your favourite fragrance today - shop online here, BinBuddy photo
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